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Our Best Services


The letting and sale of real properties is what is generally referred to as Estate Agency in the Estate Surveying and Valuation profession. Our firm has acted for various clients, both corporate and individual, both in the public and private sector, throughout the country in the letting, purchase and sale of their landed property assets. Our services in this area will among others include;

1) Identification of a suitable property to suit the client’s requirement either for sale or lease. 2) Carryout proper search to ensure that the property is not encumbered in any way. 3) Advice on the proper rent or sale value of the property to be sold or let based on our vast knowledge of the property market. 4) Make offers to interested clients. 5) Upon conclusion of each transaction ensure that vacant possession is delivered. 6) Ensuring proper documentation of such transactions. We are quite sure that we would be very useful to our clients in this area. Our specialize knowledge of the property market couple with our expertise and highly skilled man powered we no doubt be brought to bear in negotiating the valuation, purchase, sale, and leasing of landed properties.


In Estate Surveying and Valuation, property management is different from Agency, in that while agency services terminates with the letting or sale of the property and the remittance of rent or proceeds of the sale transaction to the Landlord (Vendor), the management surveyor retains routine control of the property, directing and supervising his client’s interest with the purpose of maximising the investors returns in the investment which could be financial, social or even in cultural terms as the case may be. We have over 500 choice properties in our management portfolio as at 30th June, 2019 comprising residential, commercial and industrial properties. We ensure that our clients sit back and enjoy the fruits of their investment, while we take responsibility over; 1) The quality of his tenant; 2) Fair market rents on his property; 3) Local, state and federal taxes on his properties; 4) Lease and tenancy agreements with the tenants, including renewals and pre-vacation inspections; 5) Service bills such as electricity, water and refuse collection for multi-tenanted properties; 6) Security; 7) Insurance; and 8) Repair and maintenance by ensuring the optimum performance of facilities and systems, equipments in use such as Lifts, Fire Alarm system etc by development and executing a system of regularly schedule maintenance actions to prevent premature failure of facility and its systems and components. These among others are some of the many facility/ management services our clients enjoy. It would also be necessary to mention here that we do not only manage for the Landlord, but also for the tenant. For tenants, we could manage their leases by projecting and protecting their interests in the property and ensuring that they are not harassed by the landlord. In fact, even where we represent the Landlord, it is our belief that a property is well managed only if both the Landlord and tenant are happy with the performance of the management surveyor.


In project development we participate as Project Managers or as both project managers and joint financiers in the development of viable building projects. Project management however, involves the co-ordination, on behalf of the developers, of the activities of the other members of a development team, for the purpose of a hitch-free development, namely; 1) The Architect 2) The Engineers (structural, mechanical, electrical etc.) 3) The Quantity Surveyor 4) The Contractors (main and subordinates) Some members of our staff have contributed substantially in the project management of some key projects both in Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos and other cities in Nigeria. Closely related to property development is feasibility and viability appraisal of real estate developments. This requires a critical analysis of a conceptualised project to determine its feasibility and viability. It is worth mentioning here that we hardly participate in any property development project without first of all establishing the viability of such a project.


Valuation generally speaking involves the determination, at a particular time, of the value or worth of an interest in property for a particular purpose. The asset could be land and buildings, plant and machinery, furniture, fittings and equipment, or even goodwill. More so, it could also be necessary to carryout periodic revaluation of the assets of companies due to sporadic increase in prices occasioned by the unstable exchange rate. However, property assets embracing furniture, land and buildings, office equipment, motor vehicles and other floating assets (including goodwill) could jointly or separately required periodic valuation or revaluation for any or some of the following purposes; a) Security for a loan from Financial Institutions, b) Preparation of Balance Sheets or Accounts c) Privatization and/or commercialization, d) Insurance, e) As a going concern; f) Rating and taxation; g) Merger and acquisition h) For the determination of the net worth of the assets to be transferred in the case of liquidation. .


With specialists working across all property sectors, we are able to advise all types of client on investment opportunities. Whether it concerns an office, shopping centre, cinema, hospital, warehouse, commercial or residential property, we have an expert who can help with your investment needs, whatever stage you are at. Our expertise is further reinforced by a market-leading research team that draws from data and trends to support all projects and decisions across residential, rural and commercial property. Combined with our market intelligence we have the capability to provide detailed due diligence for sales and acquisitions, including the provision of valuation advice.


When it comes to buying and selling property, we advise across all residential, rural and commercial markets. Our services are designed to help maximise the value of your asset, and to help you every step of the way of the transaction process. Whether you’re a seasoned home owner, a first-time buyer, an owner of rural land or a commercial portfolio, our advice is always tailored, and transparent. Our strong market knowledge, informed by in-house sector-leading research, ensures you receive the best possible advice every time, whatever your needs.


Our marine Valuations responsibilities involve maritime asset valuations ranging from large commercial ships down to small commercial fishing and charter vessels. Should you need a ship or boat valuation for example a sales value, pre purchase value, insurance purposes, Government arrest and disposal, annual company accounting, matrimonial dispute / separation or any other reason we are the company of choice and utilise industry best practice.


If you’re seeking financial assistance for property or/and land acquisition, then our financial services would interest you. Right from the early stages, we render advice on the preparation of your project and in effect ,help you minimise your administrative time, by liaising with the lenders, making presentations to bankers and negotiating terms and conditions, regarding the financial security of the project and the arrangement of draw-down facilities. Our objective is to arrange a suitable financial package, at the keenest possible terms, the moment it is required. We minimise the client’s administrative time by liaising with the lenders on the take-up of security and arrangement of draw-down facilities. Our clients are pleased to find that our approach is in the finest of business traditions.


This is not a valuation, rather, it’s an overall appraisal of the company’s existing portfolio, in order to determine the “health” as well as present and potential usefulness of such assets to the organisation. The objectives will include providing a framework for positively managing your company’s landed property holdings and highlighting the strategic importance of your landed property assets. The following would be our underlying objectives: Identifying and investigating problems and opportunities concerned with clients’ landed property management strategy, client’s policies, markets and procedures; and formulating recommendations for appropriate action, through factual investigation and analysis.


Nuel Mark and Partners is committed to facilitating the timely acquisition of all land and right-of-way interests, in accordance with the laws, policies and procedures set forth by the client. We always strive to provide high quality, professional services to all parties affected by a right-of-way acquisition.

We understand that maintaining consistent, open lines of communication with the client and the affected land/property owners are paramount to the success of each individual acquisition and the project as a whole, through strong relationships built on trust, we strive to create an efficient and productive acquisition process for all parties.

Whether working across rural, residential or commercial assets, our experts always tailor their services to your needs, with the main objective of achieving value for money at the forefront of their advice.